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Sesi Whingan: An encounter with a finesse young political leader

Contemporarily, social media engagement has been somewhat disingenuous and exhausting due to constant cyberbullying, mudslinging, and unnecessary harassment. Badagry political community on Facebook is not immune from adopting such vile engagement online. This is synonymous to the popular Twitter’s “savage” world where users are seen as digitally ill-mannered, and defiant. That’s the exact perception of people who have been at the negative end of feedback on Twitter have about its users. This, without mincing words, is exactly how political juggernauts of Badagry see the Badagry community on Facebook. As a result of this, I embarked on a one year social media hiatus.

Sometime in December 2021 when activities of the party primaries were gaining momentum, supporters of the various aspirants started an online campaign against their opposing aspirants – an offshoot of what was obtainable offline where some persons expressed shock about the huge humanitarian projects conducted by Sesi Whingan. I was perplexed by such feedback considering that Badagry is one local government area in drastic need of infrastructural development and for once, we have a leader passionate about infrastructural development but some persons are saying he was doing too much. Consequently, seven months into my social media hiatus, I decided to resume my online activities immediately to take on “The Sesi Whingan Job” to ensure that the people are people are adequately informed of the activities of Hon Sesi Whingan.

The first thing I did was to reach out to people whom I knew were on his political train and 3 days later, I met Sesi with the intention to play a role towards his emergence as the All Progressives Congress candidate for House of Representatives, Badagry Federal Constituency. Sesi is a finesse result-oriented young man, astute in decision making, and has ears for all. Sesi is tall, and so also are his dreams of helping Badagry to achieve outstanding success. In a contest, you’d find many standing behind Sesi, an elephant that carries a canopy – he leads to accommodate everyone both in and out. For many optimistic Badagry indigenes, he is a pleasing sensation, and in the focal point of our memories, his victory at the primary elections would be gently guarded.

I was given a role in the Sesi Whingan media team – a good market to advertise I must mention and beyond infrastructural development, Symbol, as we also call him, bridged the gap between people of my generation and our leaders. Prior to his involvement in politics, the leadership of APC in Badagry is likened to a sacred group where only their own choices are favourited and have on several occasions suppressed public opinion, especially during the buildup to general elections. That approach, however, soon changed because Sesi became the “Rallying Point” that we all agree should be the next Member, House of Representative to represent the Badagry Federal Constituency at the National Assembly. His involvement in politics proved that the leaders of Badagry, despite their varying interests too, have Badagry at heart. The leaders were quick to call Sesi to congratulate him and reconciliation meetings that followed the primaries were itch-free. Their trust in his competence is a reflection of his leadership attributes. When Symbol speaks, he does so with humility and respect, placing himself like a child before these leaders. He makes them an integral factor in his decision-making process, either for their information or for their input. The conviction of the leaders of Badagry in Sesi has helped reinvigorate the trust they have for youths to take up top leadership positions.

There is no ersatz for failure, perhaps, Sesi knew this when he started picking his team members. Having found success in business, the indices are crystal clear for victory with the spate of his political investment. For so many within and outside Badagry, Sesi was seen as a novice in politics but little did they know that he had contributed both financially and intellectually to the emergence of some political officeholders within the Badagry Federal Constituency. He made known his desire to contest for the office of the House of Representatives, Badagry Federal Constituency to the leaders of the party, and traditional and religious leaders of Badagry in November of 2021, a journey he had been preparing for since 2015. He knew he had just one chance to hold the game by the jugular; putting everything on the line: family, businesses, wealth, and personal pleasure. His attempt at the coveted position remains daunting to many. Notwithstanding, it was inspiring to not only hit the target but that he also towered above other notable Badagry indigenes was outstanding. This was an iconic strike in the history of politics in Badagry.

Honourable Sesi’s philanthropic projects left Badagrians drooling like a man who suddenly lost his confidence with his crush right in the presence. All his projects were executed under the Sesi Whingan Foundation established in Badagry. Most notable among the numerous projects was the foundation’s National Identification Number (NIN) registration centre. At the time of putting this article together, the foundation had completed the registration of over 25,000 people in just 16 months of operation. Not forgetting to mention a twin culvert built from scratch and a self-help community school building the foundation completed. He also never stopped putting up palliative measures on roads causing hardship for motorists across different areas of Badagry. One beautiful thing about Sesi Whingan’s headline projects is that they are community-centered alleviation where daily living is made less cumbersome for thousands of people of Badagry. For instance, the twin culvert provided a link between two riverine communities (Isalu-Yafin) in Badagry, the NIN Center eased the pressure on the NIMC Center at Badagry Town Hall, while the completed school building empowered the education of residents of the Iragbo/Iragon community and eased the burden of having to expend millions of naira on education. The constant intervention with road construction and management projects also ensured that value is placed on the time and money spent by thousands of motorists commuting in the affected areas and fostered inter-communal trade.

It is almost impossible to separate top-notch leadership traits from Hon Sesi; you can tell this from the way he conducts himself in public, choice of words, selection of close aides, and allies, and not leaving out technocrats. Badagry’s confidence in Sesi is not isolated from his qualities as a leader and team player. His decision to make himself accessible to all gave him an edge to know everyone in his team beyond their names, duties, and roles. He could tell what his team members can do or cannot do, and his SWOT analysis of his team ensures that a round peg sits comfortably in a round hole. When I met him for the first time, to me, it was a conversation about everything, little did I know that I was being interviewed for a suitable role – his media team. We may have just won the APC primaries and the House of Representatives candidate to represent Badagry Federal Constituency at the National Assembly, beyond that it shows that the mandate given to every candidate of the party at the general polls in 2023 is not far away from being delivered in Badagry. And for the first time, APC Badagry is hopeful of adding a significant number to the party’s leadership and this is all thanks to the man of the moment – SESI OLUWASEUN WHINGAN.

Sesi Whingan: An encounter with a finesse young political leader

Sesi Whingan: An encounter with a finesse young political leader

Contemporarily, social media engagement has been somewhat disingenuous and exhausting due to constant cyberbullying, mudslinging, and unnecessary harassment. Badagry political community on Facebook is not…